Antique Brass (PVD) Kick Plate

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Antique Brass (PVD) Kick Plate

A timeless addition that blends sophistication and durability.

Elevate the elegance of your entryway with our Antique Brass (PVD) Kick Plate, a timeless addition that blends sophistication and durability. This kick plate features a beautifully mellowed brass patina, showcasing dark and golden undertones that evoke a sense of classic charm and refined aging. Its exquisite appearance is designed to complement a wide range of architectural styles, adding a touch of vintage allure to any door.

Antique Brass (PVD) Kick Plate

Crafted with a robust stainless steel core, our kick plate offers exceptional strength and resilience. Unlike traditional brass, which can tarnish and lose its lustre over time, our PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating ensures lasting beauty and performance. The PVD process enhances the stainless steel by significantly increasing its wear, scratch, and corrosion resistance. This advanced technique results in a finish that is far superior to conventional coating methods such as electroplating or powder-coating.

Our Antique Brass (PVD) Kick Plate is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. It protects your door from scuffs, scratches, and other damage caused by everyday use, preserving its pristine condition. Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, this kick plate offers a perfect blend of style and practicality.

Installation is straightforward, the kick plate comes with either pre-drilled holes, no holes or self adhesive for your convenience. With its sleek design and robust construction, it is an investment in both the look and longevity of your doors.

The beauty of brass without the maintenance hassles.

Choose our Antique Brass (PVD) Kick Plate to infuse your entryway with a touch of timeless elegance while ensuring exceptional durability. Experience the perfect marriage of form and function, and enjoy the enduring beauty of brass without the maintenance hassles. Make a statement with an accessory that truly stands the test of time.

  • Using the calculator is easy! Simply enter your required width (mm) and height (mm) in the required boxes. Choose which corner type you prefer and select with or without screw holes. Calculator will automatically work out the price.
  • If Pre Drilled Holes (Screws Included) is selected, holes will be drilled in the edge of each corner.
    For longer length kick plates, we’ll add additional equally spaced drilled holes as appropriate.

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